Yesterday evening I took the girls to the beach for fun on the sand and a splash in the sea. Living with a couple of beaches so close is amazing. It provides hours of fun for my girls and best of all, being outdoors is so good for them. 

We had a lovely evening playing and a great bonus was the girls daddy and nanny were able to join us. The girls both loved every minute. Well actually, Aoife didn’t like the minute or two were she had sloppy sand between her toes, but in general there was lots of fun and smiles. 

At one point, we found a dead, but wholly intact, crab. Molly picked it up (beautiful little weirdo that she is) and claimed it as her pet “Crabby”. She carried it the full length of the beach and sat it on the wall next to her while we had a cone of chips. It came home in the car too. 

Upon trying to show her friend next door the crab, it got dropped down the fences between our house and next door, and all molly was left with was three little crab legs. She was heartbroken. I’ve actually never seen her sob so much and between sobs she told me she wanted her crabby back as she was going to look after it really well and feed it and cuddle it and let it get in the bath with her. My poor girl was so upset. I do have to say, I am a little glad that we didn’t have to go down the route of living with a dead crab, but if I could have saved that little crab corpse for her, I strangely would have. Things we do as mothers! 

 Molly did eventually settle down in bed and with the promise of buying her a Sebastian the crab teddy when we go to Disney World, she managed to nod off quite happily. And I was able to sleep without worrying about a crab zombie trying to get me😂.

So, what’s the oddest thing your child had gotten upset over? I can’t be the only one with such an adorable, yet crazy little five year old! Share your stories. 

And here she is. Molly and her “Crabby”.

And after not being able to link up last week because time wasn’t on my side, I am very pleased to be able to link up with Twinkly Tuesday this week.

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