It’s About to Get Chaotic.

About a month ago, I started to notice Bellatrix was beginning to look a bit plump. Her appetite started to increase, her colour started to fade and she stopped venturing as far as she usually does and started spending more time sleeping in the sun than is normal for her. I put the pregnancy possibility out of my mind and vowed to watch her closely for the next week or so. She continued to get plump and her beautiful black fur started to fade and a reddy/brown colour set in. I rang Vets for Pets and an appointment was made for a check up two weeks later. Before this appointment arrived, I noticed her tummy fill out A LOT! I also think I spotted it moving once or twice. I knew the appointment was going to result in a confirmed pregnancy so mentally prepared myself and the girls for that. One vet visit later and yes, we are definitely waiting on the imminent arrival of a litter of kittens. 

“There is more than one. There could be up to ten” were the vets words. So here we are, waiting on our lovely Bella cat to go in to labour, preparing dark quiet cubby holes for her to give birth in, and investing in shallow litter trays that make it easier for the kittens to master litter training. Life is crazy with two children and a cat. It’s about to spiral way out of control. However, that cannot be changed and I love Bella a lot and so do the girls so we better get prepared. Looking after Bella and her kittens is something that will be happening no matter what, be there one kitten or be there ten kittens, so we had to quickly get used to the idea. Aoife will happily repeat a well rehearsed statement I have been teaching her in preparation, and oh my gosh, it is adorable. I somehow feel she may not abide by it, but at least she knows the rules. Her statement is “Bella got kittens in tummy. No touching, just looking with eyes.” Molly knows she mustn’t touch them too, and is very prepared for Bella to give birth, even filling in my parents on how the kittens will “come out of Bella’s vagina”. Her love for animals and the fact that at five she already says she’s wants to be a vet astounds me. It will definitely help her with this whole experience. And then of course, I need to grow another set of eyes to be able to keep the kittens safe, to keep Molly and Aoife from picking them up, and to ensure I don’t end up with a scared and frightened Bella. Any ideas on how I do this, would be most welcome πŸ˜‰

So we are stocked up with kitten food, I have bought the extra litter tray, and I have blankets laid out ready and spare ones on standby. I have also watched enough videos of cats giving birth to last a lifetime and read as much information as I can. I know once kitten day arrives, what will be will be but being prepared will definitely help. And the way Bella has become my shadow the last few days is really nice. She’ll cuddle up with me of an evening once the girls are in bed, she’s following me around a lot more and when I go to bed, she comes and cuddles up for half an hour before going to her favourite spot, Molly’s bedroom, which is where I am sure the kittens will be born. 

Right now it’s a waiting game. Yes, I am apprehensive about it all, but I’m also really excited. I’m secretly hoping Molly will go with my suggestion for naming the kittens after Disney characters, and I am very much looking forward to lots of cuddles with Bellatrix and her little balls of fluff. 

And of course, watch this space for an update about cat labour and birth and pictures of our beautiful Bella being mummy with her teeny baby kittens. 


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