It’s a Vicious Cycle.

Any parent will tell you that trying to keep your house clean is practically impossible. Ok, maybe not hard to keep it clean, but definitely so to keep it tidy. I feel like I never stop picking up toys, returning socks to little feet, putting shoes in the shoe cupboard and switching my washing machine on. Ok, I don’t feel like that, it’s actually true. Recently, I stopped following my two year old around tidying up behind her, and opted for a few big tidy ups throughout the day. It’s definitely helped squash my workload a bit. Once she falls asleep at lunchtime I tidy up, just before the school run and then whilst both girls are eating their tea. This way I get more time playing with Aoife and also don’t feel like bagging up all the toys and binning them! 

I always find odd objects in my handbag or bed too. The feeling of bliss as you climb into your fresh bed wearing your fresh jarmies is pretty short lived when you lie down on top of a remote control safari jeep! And going in your handbag at university to find a spare pen and grabbing soggy toast crusts your cheeky 8 month old daughter has stashed in their while you’re packing her nursery bag is pretty embarrassing, whilst also highly amusing. And yes, both of those things have happened to me! 

I’ve written myself a daily chore list and this helps me stay on top of jobs plus it means if I look at the house at the end of the day and it still looks like a bomb has gone off, I can refer to my list and remind myself I did do housework and maybe it was an upstairs day 😉. Mainly the list is to help me not forget certain things, like de-cluttering food cupboards or wardrobes and to stay on top of toy sort outs regularly. 

What things do you do to help you stay on top of your housework? Parents are all in the same boat so there have to be tips that one of us has that another doesn’t. Share your wisdom ladies and gents!

And in reference to the toast in handbag saga, I wrote this at the time and thought it was time to share, plus I am sure I can’t be the only one who has experienced this!

Mummy’s handbag
Now it smells like soggy toast,
When I used to love this one the most.
Now it contains nappies and toys
And lots of things for my girls or boys.
A toy or ten and a nappy or two.
Anything that will distract you
When the doctor wants to look in your ears
Or I need to speak to someone and you can’t hear.
It has a book to teach you words
And snacks for you to feed the birds,
I’m lucky if I fit my keys,
Amongst all of the things you need.
I go to work and pull a dummy out
Let’s hope it doesn’t make mummy’s boss shout
I used to love this bag so much,
Now it’s full of soggy lunch

And here is Tuesdays fab link up. 

The Twinkle Diaries

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